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Applied Physiology
Richard Utt (USA)

Applied Physiology (AP) - Richard D. Utt - USA
3014 East Michigan Street
Ph: +1 (520) 889 30 75
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Richard Utt lives in Tucson Arizona in the USA. Richard developed Applied Physiology over the last 20 years. He has published a book on Applied Physiology called "STRESS - The Nature of the Beast".

This system is based on the Hologram theory. Every experience we have ever had, is coded as a combination of two meridians (energy channels through which the life force energy flows), an object meridian and a reference meridian. This Hologram is stored like a file \ in the body computer. If you balance a Hologram that in the past caused a negative response and change it to a positive response, these changes will now be saved in the body computer. Therefore the body will react in a positive way the next time this Hologram is activated.


The goal of Applied Physiology is to provide a worldwide network for the members, teachers and students who study and practice this revolutionary branch of Applied Kinesiology. Applied Physiology's philosophy is simple; good health, harmony and all-encompassing love for all mankind. The International Institute of Applied Physiology, led by its founder, Richard D. Utt, strives to provide the best in materials and information for everyone that wishes to become knowledgeable about the workings of the body and mind in order to achieve a healthy relationship within oneself and with others. Applied Physiology's impetus is to bring ideas and tools for solid solutions as well as a universal unity into our organization.